Content Distribution

When we develop content we make sure that we provide value for our audience. With all the information and resources available on the web today, you now have to hand deliver your information to your audience.

Once your content is developed and you are ready to share your stories with your audience, a carefully crafted distribution channel strategy created during content strategy planning.

Owned distribution channels

The first place to start is with your company’s owned media channels — places like your blog, your website, an email newsletter, or a corporate magazine. These channels also include your “branded” properties, such as your Twitter account, Facebook Page, LinkedIn company page, Google+ page, and other social profiles.

Earned distribution channels

Earned distribution (e.g., coverage in mainstream media; guest posts on others’ blogs, etc.) is probably the hardest to achieve — and the hardest to optimize — since it’s dependent on others’ interests, guidelines, and business agendas. Yet, it remains a highly powerful means of distribution, given its potential to exponentially increase your reach and engagement without having to significantly increase your output.

Paid distribution channels

Paid distribution channels hold the best potential for optimization. Whether you’re running paid search ads in AdWords, placing sponsored content or ads on Facebook, or are distributing content as part of a native advertising strategy, there are ways to optimize virtually every element of your distribution in detail — and with complete control.