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Social Media Monitoring Service

Millions of Consumers are online every day talking about their wants, needs and experiences with businesses. Our Social Media Monitoring lets you listen to this invaluable information, interact with customers to keep your reputation spotless, and keep a leg up on your competition.

  • listening to social chatter about both your business and industry and Gain invaluable insights about your customers’ needs.
  • Ensure you’re always one step ahead by knowing what your competition is doing in your area.
  • Engage with your audience and build strong, trusting relationships and strengthen word-of-mouth marketing
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Social Media Monitoring Service

What are your customers saying about you online? Peak Marketers social media monitoring service provides you with consumer insight, competitive intelligence, and enhanced marketing and brand management.
Don’t miss out on the wealth of information and opportunities online. Social media monitoring service includes tracking relevant communications across social networks, analyzing gathered information, and converting it into actionable insight.

Peak online marketing social media monitoring service uses top monitoring platforms like Radian6 and Lithium, and years of social media marketing experience to make these tools effective for your business. Your online customers and potential consumers do more than just share opinions online. They provide a wealth of information about how they think, how they get influenced, how they consume and how they make connections.

Online Word of Mouth Marketing is a powerful tool that can be utilized by you, or by your competition. Social media monitoring is a key component of market research, the testing and launch of your new or existing products, and services.

Peak Marketers also uses social media monitoring service to correct misinformation and manage negative messaging. We also use social media monitoring service to connect with key consumers, to improve public relations, and even to form strategic partnerships. It can be leveraged for R&D, content development, and smart community management. Social media monitoring is also a fundamental aspect of Path’s successful social media marketing campaigns.


Manage Conversations with Social Media Monitoring Service

  • Your Brand: Actively monitor and manage conversation around your brand. Your reputation is too important to leave it in the hands of customers, or competitors .
  • Reach out: Social media monitoring enables you to listen to your customers, influencers, and useful individuals and companies.
  • Manage misinformation: You need to know where are some misinformations about your business and take action to correct them. Social media monitoring is a prime factor in reputation management.


Actionable Insight Social Media Monitoring Service

  • Market research: social media monitoring service helps you monitor conversations related to your business, your brand, and your competitors.
  • R&D: social media monitoring service offers excellent opportunities to gather feedback from your key influencers and improve services accordingly.
  • Customer service: Find what customers like and don’t like about your brand, and respond proactively.


Shape conversation around your brand, Improve your company’s branding, and conduct high level market research with Peak Marketers’s social media monitoring service.

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