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Our Video Specialists

Videos have become the major players in marketing and we have a video specialist on board to boost your efforts. From Wistia analytics to in-video CTAs and annotations, we will capture qualified leads. We know how to improve your video marketing activities

Who Are We?

You don’t need anyone else except our video specialist for creating valuable, quality videos for your business. Our specialists will help you go from video hosting to video marketing. This will help you engage and convert website visitors. They will work with your team to make your videos a conversion tool while endorsing your brand.

What Our Video Specialists Do:

Video specialists are responsible for collaborating with Inbound Marketing Consultants and creating the very best video strategy that is customized for your business. They implement the best video marketing skills to align the best videos for the right stages in your buyer’s journey.

Some things involved, but not limited to:

  • Optimizing your current video assets with video Call-To-Actions, lead capture forms and branding.
  • Script writing and storyboarding for on-site video shoots and animation.
  • Editing and producing video projects that promote your company’s culture, products, and brands.
  • Create animated product videos that introduce and explain your service and thereby entice action.
  • Provide photography and website images for thumbnails. This can include drone photography or footage if needed.

Our Monthly Activities:

The possibilities of having your own Video Specialist is massive for your company’s growth. If you are interested in a month-to-month Video Specialist, we can do that too.

They will begin by focusing on a few pivotal aspects such as transporting and optimizing your video projects into the Wistia marketing platform, shooting and editing new videos to increase engagement with new visitors. We will also incorporate these videos into your business’ email, blogging, and social media strategies.

You will also have access to our video newsletters and comprehensive reporting to see everything we are doing.

What Sets Us Apart:

Videos are probably one of the biggest aspects that make us unique as an inbound agency. Our work is never outsourced because our video specialists are all in-house and specifically designed to deliver only the very best quality videos anywhere.

We offer a wide range of services in the video marketplace. We create for trade shows, product promotions, event promotions, animated videos, social media videos, and so much more!

Our specialists can put out a high-quality custom explainer video every month and produce a live-action video in approximately one to two business days. Want to learn more about our video services? Please click below

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