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What Is Inbound Marketing?

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Once upon a time traditional marketing was effective. Sales teams would cold call, show up at your door, and even start talking business at a social event. In their minds, everything revolved around the sale of their product. The consumer just needed to be swayed or intimidated into buying their product. Your buyer doesn’t want to be interrupted with brands and services that they are not interested in. Your buyer’s way of thinking is totally different and constantly evolving around what they want and need and your marketing strategy must keep up with their demands. In this day and age, it’s the buyer who has all the power, not the company. You should not sell to your audience but help them.

Online marketing is opening up the way for better customer relationships and higher ROI. Conventional marketing strategies cannot properly focus and target customers online nor can they track leads. They are seeing little to no success for their marketing budget. Reach the right audience at the right time instead throwing your message to as many people as you can hoping that a few of those messages will hit the target.

Inbound marketing is a methodology of creating amazing content and utilizing information capturing tools for each stage of the buyer’s journey, guiding your buyers to their next natural step and establishing yourself as the industry thought leader.

The idea is to get visitors to your site, convert them into leads, and eventually become buying customers. Establishing yourself as an industry leader means putting the consumer ahead of your product. Consumers are looking for solutions for their problem and are looking for businesses that have the solutions. An industry leader has the solution for a buyer’s situation and can offer the right way to resolve their problem.

Inbound marketing is the best way to attract new audiences with excellent content that is interesting, at the right time and at the right place. Your content could be a blogs post, a video presentation, infographics, or other things that provide value to your targeted audience.

Once a visitor goes to your blog or website, you want to convert them into leads by signing them up for your offers such as a free webinar, free consultation, free eBook, or other content that they will find enjoyable and informative. The lead is already self qualified and your sales team has all the information they need to nurture the relationship and turn your leads into loyal customers.

Inbound marketing is about offering solutions to help people out instead of trying to annoy and distract them with something they are not interested in.

Delivering Results:

It’s important to understand that inbound marketing is a whole new way of thinking. Inbound Marketing is a process of helping people find what they are looking for and what will solve their problem. Buyers are also a great deal savvier and know when a gimmick is being tossed in their direction. Let’s face it; no one likes to be sold with impersonal advertisements that tell them their product is the best when it is not something you are interested in. It’s time to ramp up the “I Want To Help” volume and ramp down the Its’ About Me” volume.

You can engage with your visitors by being personable while echoing their needs. Inbound marketing has proven to work time and time again because there’s a growing relationship and respect.

The 3 Pillars Of A Successful Inbound Marketing Program


No Guess Work

Far cry from publishing your eBook and blogs; getting the desired result from your inbound marketing is highly demanding. You must understand stated goals, challenges and how the buying process works. It demands a content marketing strategy and an effective messaging system that is compatible with your vision, capable of bringing in prospects to your website and moves them to your sales funnel. Most importantly, it must be in line with your aims and objectives as well as requires an effective plan to help bring them to reality. With PEAKMERKETER’s power packed inbound marketing approach, the guess works are easily thrown off.



Your Strategies To Work

Your strategies won’t yield any result without execution. You need an engaging and persuasive copy, appealing and functional designs, Search engine optimized pages, and mastering of some ‘alien’ tools. You’ve got no worries; PEAKMARKETERS have all you need for a seamless implementation of your strategies.



Let’s Learn Some More

We offer proper teaching and couching to potential investors in inbound marketing schemes. We bring to you, the knowledge you need to be successful. We organize customized training and seminars to help your team develop concrete knowledge of the basics, which are indispensable if you must achieve success in inbound marketing program.


Get the Right Team!

No one person can take care of everything all at once. Successful inbound marketing takes teamwork. Improving your content, creating outstanding videos, designing powerful lead nurturing emails, Placing the right calls-to-action , connecting and communicating with your prospects on social platforms, and so much more. Our inbound team of experts will create excellent campaigns that will speak volumes to your buyer personas, create growth, and ROI (return on investment). For better implementation of your goals, you need a team of devoted and certified inbound marketers with standard training and experience. The team consists of your marketing consultant, marketing Coordinator, Strategist, Web Developer as well as graphic designer. When these are all certified, then you are sure of a team that has the required expertise and experience for success



We Boost Your Website Visitors

We will increase your market share, by increasing your product's awareness to attract target audience to your websites via blogging, social media, SEO and lot more.


We Help You Build the Basics of Your Inbound Marketing

As a team, we will create tools and helpful resources that will inform you about the fundamentals of the marketing program. These parameters include; CRM, content, CMS, buyer personas, campaign strategy and your overall marketing gameplan.


We Increase Your Lead Generation

With the intention of increasing conversion rate and strategic campaigns, we will assist you in creating the basic conversion strategy. This will help expand your contact base with content creation, forms, and CTSA.


We Create Incredible Content

Let us help you map out, write, and distribute engaging and top quality contents that will grab any reader’s attention and increase lead conversion. This may consist of checklists, webinars, infographics, eBooks, Videos, Reports and lot more; based on your audience preference.


We Help You Get New Clients

By taking advantage of the conversion rate optimization, HubSpot, the Sales tool, will assists you in generating and nurturing qualified visitors into high valuable and satisfied clients that closes faster and spend more.


Help Put your HubSpot Investment to Good Use

Take advantage of our experience in the use of HubSpot marketing tool, Website Platform, and CRM, and get better result on your monthly subscription. Well will help you advertise your brands through your old clients. These contents and campaigns may consist of a referral program, survey, NPS tracking and lots more.


Reading Your Market Performance

Let’s help you find out what is working and what is not. We will detect, and evaluate your vital metrics in order to identify the current state of your marketing and where it ought to be if the goals must be achieved.



Strike the Conversation:
  • Identify your problems and future goals
  • Set goals- they will help you to focus on what you stand to achieve
  • Seek quick wins for immediate boosts
  • Buy your teams’ buy in

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