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Inbound Sales

Stop Selling To Your Buyers – Help Them!

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What is Inbound Sales?


Outbound sales is dead.

 The power used to be in the sales person’s hand now it is in the buyer’s hands. There has been a major shift in power. The effectiveness of traditional selling processes, techniques and reporting no longer applies to modern buyers. Marketing and sales need to be unified. This means putting processes in place to refine the hand off between marketing and sales such as sales level agreements (SLA). Be resourceful transparent and genuinely helpful. Instead of strictly just selling, provide information and solutions. Sales need to approach every leads as a unique opportunity. Every prospect has different needs and wants and sales people need to account for these factors when they’re pursuing opportunities. Inbound sales take meticulous approach to sales. It’s not about cold calling thousands of people every day but connecting with the prospects that are looking for solutions to their problems. We practice what we preach. We have implemented these systems through out our own business and have seen proven results from them. We have replicable sales processes is in place to help our clients grow their businesses. This comes down to putting prospects needs first and giving them actual solutions to their problems. Doing so establishes your business as industry thought leader and builds trust with modern buyers. Today the buyer’s mindset is founded on trust. Trust in business’s ability to solve their problems or provide the exact services they’re looking for. Sales is an about selling anymore. It is about providing timely information offering solutions and creating lasting value

Traditional Sales Do Not Work Anymore

How do you feel when you stroll into a store and the sales person, gives you the robotic “How may I help you?” awful? If yes, then you are not alone; most people would feel the same way. You really don’t need help, if you did, you would simply ask for it. Right?

This explains the waning effect of traditional sales approach. Cold calling, door to door advertising and bulk email messaging adopted by brick and mortar businesses is fast eroding. People hate to be disturbed by things, which they don’t have interest in. Think about it; of the thousands of adverts you see daily, only a few addresses your personal need.

Sales Frustration

Cold calling and bulk emails sent to a generic list most times get stored and dumped in junk emails. Minimal success is achieved with these old fashioned techniques. Leads are not well rated, and you cannot obtain any significant information about prospects. People tend to get frustrated when they don’t get good leads.

Marketing Frustrations

Marketing sometimes makes the mistake of doing what they believe is needed, without knowing the needs of sales. This leads to a poor result and low ROI. When frequently asked questions and some other basic info are not known, marketing beginning to pass the bulk on sales for not bringing in the leads and closing.

Then Fix It!


Fixing the problem is actually easier than you think. Stop selling to people because it really doesn’t work anymore, especially since the arrival of the internet. Selling has an image of something self-serving for an end goal. Think inbound sales instead. Inbound sales mean you are putting your buyer’s needs ahead of your own personal sales goals.

We have solutions to help your business line up with your buyers and create sales:


Develop Better Sales Avenues

How would you feel if you had a general rating system for high, medium, and low leads? SDR brings this dream to reality. This program assists you in developing a matrix that suits your prospects and enables you to build a stronghold on the source of your leads and get some good conversions with your prospects.

You can now get rid of your confusion with leads and properly fit them with buyer’s experience. You no longer have to ponder on whether someone is good for business, as you all the needed info is at your disposal.

Our Sales Enablement Services

This is the perfect avenue for your sales department. Your sales team will have access to all tools they need to close more deals. They will have an inbound sales workshop, an audit of your sales process, and a flowchart that was developed for interacting with prospects.

When you organize your team and open up conversations with marketing, we will be there as another pair of eyes on your SQL or sales qualified leads along with opportunities that function as inbound helpers to reach your sales goals.




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  • We will evaluate your current sales strategies and your alignment between your sales and marketing teams.
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  • We Answer any questions in regards to how to make your sales processes more efficient.